Part of the reason I love crafting and blogging is that I get to hear from so many interesting people who are scattered all over the world!
Recently I got an email from a green crafter, Irma, and she wanted to share with y’all this infographic on how to upcycle business cards. Over to Irma!


Business cards date back to the Middle Ages. Around the 15th century China, it was part of a formal announcement delivered to the population to inform them of a royal visit. The idea made its way quickly to Europe where it became part of the official form of etiquette. Nowadays business cards are used all over the world to expand one’s network. Business people hand them out at various occasions such as networking gatherings. So it’s no wonder that some people have hundreds of business cards and do not know what to do with it. Here are a few ideas how you can make them useful again instead of just throwing them out.
Hope y’all have an artsy crafty day!

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