So finally all my pictures have been printed. I had made a folder for all the pictures I wanted printed for the year 2011 and was astounded to see that I had over 120 pictures that HAD to be included in my Smash folio. This is after I went through the folder again and again and deleted anything extra. Geez! Talk about a busy year! 🙂
2011 has been a year of decisions, mixed feeling and health, ups and downs and some major happenings. I am really looking forward to going over the year through this craft project and to enter the new year, hopefully wiser for all my experiences.


Since there were so many pictures I had to figure out how to print them in a size that would not overly clutter the book and since I didn’t want very large pictures I printed most of them in batches of nine on A4 size photo paper. I like the small size as that will give me much more freedom to play around with the layout. The quality is not perfect, but once again I do not mind. The whole point of the Smash books and this exercise is to create scrapbooks that look natural. I don’t want them to be perfect or for me to spend hours and hours perfecting layouts. This is going to be the story of my year, messy and beautiful, my journey through 2011.
In addition to the pictures there are also lots and lots of movie tickets, memorabilia from every day life and trips. I need to smash it all in within the next few days as well as work on my upcycled version of a Smash Folio for 2012.
I have also been spending a lot of time watching Downton Abbey! I absolutely love the show and saw all eight episodes in 2 days, and this is only because I was still going to work :). If any of you love period drama be sure to check out Downton Abbey. I am pretty sure you’ll love it!


Back to smashing! I have my book ready and I have all the pictures printed out and I have all my memorabilia in a big bag. To start off I am going to label the pictures. Throughout the year I make picture folders organized by month, so now I will label all my pictures according to what month they were taken in. That way I will have some semblance of order and the book will actually read like a story 🙂
After the pictures have been labelled I will sort out the memorabilia the same way. Some of it will correspond with the pictures and other stuff will just be woven in throughout.
That is what I am going to do today and tomorrow. Get all the pictures and memorabilia smashed in! 🙂 Of course there will be lots of pictures to share in the coming days so stay tuned and have an artsy day!
Join me tomorrow for the next episode of our smashing adventure!
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