Ok. So yesterday didn’t go according to plan at all. I had all my pictures printed and ready and like I shared with y’all I was going to make piles according to the month and then stick all the memorabilia and all the pictures and then build on that base. Well…like I said the plan didn’t quite work out…at ALL! 🙁
First I figured it would be good to go with themes instead of months. And so I started making a list of all the major themes, all the major events that took place in 2011. Here is my list so far: Weddings, Birthdays, Dinners, Out to Lunch, Picnics, Life at Work, Travel and Trips, Cousins, Movies, Songs, Parties, Presentations, Drives, Fairs, Eid, Concerts, Bonfires, Crafting,… and I still am adding to the list. So far so good. The new idea seemed better than the older one and I was happy.
Then I started putting my pictures in the Smash Book and all of a sudden I realized that there was not that much space in the book. That is not to say that there weren’t enough pages for what I wanted to do but in fact the book was not thick enough for all the things I wanted to put in.
That was the first disappointment. The second was the pictures. I had printed them out at home and somehow the ink was bleeding on some of them and that really got me sad. 🙁 I started sticking the pictures on the pages according to the themes I had worked out and somehow nothing was working. The glue smudged, the pictures bled and I was very unhappy with the layouts…
Then I put the book away and sat myself down and made a plan. 🙂 I love making lists and plans…
1. I am just going to stick things down and not worry about how it looks. The whole idea of a smash book is that it should be fun and stress free.
2. I am going to make a list of all the themes I have mentioned above and then print them out on vellum in different fonts to serve as titles.
3. I will write 5-6 short stories about the past year. Each short story will also have a theme and put these in my book as journalling.
4. I will go through my embellishments and make a stack of stuff that I can use to add some interest to the pages. Some stickers and stamps will help me do the same. The idea is to add layers for more visual interest 🙂
5. I will pull out some pages form this smash book and reuse them for my 2012 smash book. 🙂 That way the endless amounts of pages will not overwhelm me and I will get two books out of one. I do think the smash folios are very generous with their pages but since I don’t need so very many for this particular project, why not use them elsewhere.
6. I will make a list of songs that I have heard over the past year and that bring back memories. I will burn a cd of those and add them to the journal.
7. I will not stress out at ALL! I tend to do that when craft projects don’t turn out exactly as I had envisioned. But when that happens I have found it is best to take a break, destress and make a plan 🙂
Tomorrow will be a new day and I will go back to my smashing book armed with a plan of action. Art is supposed to be unexpected and at times the surprises aren’t pleasant, but if there is a will to make something beautiful, usually these disasters end up being the most wonderful projects of all!
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