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I am very very excited today. As y’all may know I have already worked on four e-books and they are all available on amazon or etsy. All you have to do is search for Mahe Zehra Husain on Amazon and Altered Upcycling on Etsy. Here are their names:
1. The Ultimate Guide to Upcycling
2. Crafty Cans and Perplexing Plastic
3. The Christmas Guide to Upcycling
4. The Ultimate Guide to Smash Books, Smashing and making your own Upcycled Smash Books!
Now I have started working on a series of three Video Books. Each of these video books will deal with card making using paper, metal and plastic. All materials used will be upcycled and we will make really chic cards that look expensive for almost no money at all!
What are Video Books? They are a series of videos that are accompanied with a book. The videos have detailed project instructions while the books will have detailed shots of the finished project and tips and tricks for making variations etc. I think the two together will provide the best possible combination for crafters to learn.
For now I have finished working on two videos. Both these videos use paint chips and samples to make beautiful cards. You can see the videos here: For now the videos are FREE for you to view.
I am planning on doing three video books. One each for making upcycled cards with metal scraps, paper scraps and plastic. Each book will have at least 35 projects so with each video book package you will be getting 35 step-by-step videos and a book! The price point will be a record low for such a product at $2.99.
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