I love things hanging from the ceiling. They seem to give a space a much more interesting and whimsical feel, specially if that something is hot air balloons!
Here is my tutorial. You can make these beauties using nothing more than some stuff card paper sheets and scraps of paper and some embellishments. The balloons can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.
They look great in craft studios, in bedrooms, in nurseries and even libararies! You can put them up anywhere.
We start with the templates that are given below. There are three different types and each of them will give you a different sized balloon. Start by tracing out these images on your stiff card sheet. Cut as many pieces as are specified on the template you are using. Make sure that you leave a 0.5 inch space on one end of the template as shown in the pictures.
Make sure that you leave this 0.5 inches for every piece you cut and make sure it is always on the same side. Choose left or right. This is how you will glue the pieces together.
Not paste some paper on the other side of the card. Make sure you leave the traced side uncovered. Now cut out the pieces and make little cuts on the 0.5 inch strip as shown in the picture.
Now fold the little cuts as shown. The reason you keep the traced side uncovered is becuase the template line will guide you as to how far you need fold.
Once all the pieces are folded, take some strong clear drying glue and apply it to the tabs. Now pick up another piece and glue the tabs to the smooth ‘non tab’ end. This process is repeated till you have your balloon all done!
Yes, the last tab is very traicky and you might have to wrestle with your balloon somewhat. The larger ones are slightly easier to do so you might want to start with those. Once you get the hang of doing this though it becomes much much easier and you will fall in love with these creations.
I ended up making six for my craft studio! Reveal coming soon. Hope y’all enjoyed this project. Do let me know if you have any questions at all. I would be super happy to help!
Have an artsy crafty day!

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