I love buying notebooks, but ever since I have found I can make my own books using everything from old dictionary paper to leftover scrapbook paper to packaging card, there has been no looking back.
I save and hoard all sorts of paper and I make books, journals, scrapbooks, recipe books, travel journals… you get the idea! 🙂


This is my latest book project. It is made using half A4 size paper that is punched at the top. I use any and all paper that catches my eye. I never coordinate my pages, just throw everything together and surprisingly it works every time!
Since I am big on upcycling and recycling I try and use beautiful pages out of magazines, old packaging/corrugated card, paper left over from scrapbook kits etc…
Here are the steps to replicate my book. Let me know if you have any trouble doing this and I would love to help.
1. Gather some half A4 size paper. Punch two holes at the top as shown and hold it together using two book rings.


2. Take an old book and seperate the pages from the cover. Now make two holes in the spine and using some ribbon tie the book rings to the book cover. This is the roof of your house. I thread the ribbon through the book ring and then thread both ends through a hole. Then I take a large bead and thread one end of the ribbon through and tie it to the other end. The bead acts as a stopper and doesn’t let the ribbon slip back through the hole.
3. Then I take an old door handle and screw that to the book spine just as I would screw it to a door. Once again I punch holes to do this.


4. I decorate the front of the house using an image of a door, an actual door knocker, some stickers, paint, some artificial flowers and doilies. You can turn yours into whatever you want. You can collage, gesso and paint to your heart’s content.

View the Video.




The amazing thing about this book is that you can go in and add pages and take pages out. There is no damage done as the rings will always let you go in and switch. I LOVE that!


Let me know what you think of this project! I have a book about making your own upcycled scrapbooks and smash books too. Do check it out on Amazon.

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