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preserving memories

When I was in Grade 6 I changed schools and was quite sad at leaving so many friends behind. I have always loved collecting my memories and turning them into things that I can look at and remember good times. 

I made a memory pillow. It was just an old pillowcase that I dyed (you could use the tie dye technique) and took to school with a lot of different colored fabric paints. All my friends had a ball writing messages and their names all over that pillow. Some of the more crafty ones stitched on ribbons and beads that I had brought with me. The result was a beautiful pillow that held very special meaning and memories for me. Even after all these years I can’t forget the fun we had making that pillow and that last school day with friends.

This project is perfect for birthday parties where the guests could sign the pillow and write messages for the birthday girl. It could be used at bridal showers or graduation parties. The messages could be simple or else they could be predictions for the future.

On my 26th birthday I revisited the project and brought it to life using a different twist. I used a white ceramic plate and colored sharpies to get guests to write messages. Then I baked the plate in the over for 20 minutes at 300 degrees and it came out beautifully!

Try this fun creative project with a pillow case or a plate!

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