Old Windows into ‘Novel Creations’


I love to use old and reclaimed items in home decor projects. Here is another fun and easy wall art idea for you to try this holiday season.

I had some old windows lying around and decided to make some wall decor for my craft room/library using them.

I LOVE Pride and Prejudice, always have and always will. So it was fitting that I used quotes from the book to add to my windows. These were really simple to make and I will walk you through the entire process in this tutorial post.

To start we’re going to need some windows. The older the better. Don’t worry if the wood is a little split. Just give them a good cleaning and we’re ready to get started.

Next up I used the Tim Holtz Distress Inks to give some character and depth to the windows. Just rub the colors you like on the sides, both inside and out and some on the front of the window as well. My windows had some pealed paint which I left on and because of that texture the rubbing gave some great finishing effects. You can also choose to paint the entire window the color of your choice and add some stenciling too! I used Folk Art Home Decor chalk paint and some DecoArt Metallic Lustre.

Next up I needed to make the inserts that would go in the windows. I used Victorian looking scrapbook paper, some of my favorite quotes from P&P printed on vellum and some silhouettes of P&P printed from the internet. You can use any sort of art work or even pictures.

I layered these items on my paper and played around with the layout till I was happy with the look. I then glued everything into place. I used brads to anchor the vellum since I did not want any glue to show through.

Note that my inserts are quite simple and much more could be done. I have just used a few doilies and some pearls to embellish the layouts. I feel the simple inserts stand out best in these windows, but then again you can experiment with most anything!

Just keep in mind that since these have to go into the frame and you should have some glass protecting them too may layers might not look too good. On the other hand if you want a dimensional piece you could add other embellishments and layers and then just spray varnish the whole insert.

I had some glass cut to size for my windows and then using some strong card for the backing put the glass, my layout and the card into the frame. I used some small nails to anchor everything in place.

After that I used two nails and hammered them into the back and added some strong rope to make my window frame a hanging piece of art!

The finishing touches were artificial flowers that were added on top of the glass and window. I feel they gave my piece the dimensional look I wanted and yet I did not have to compromise on the glass.

Last step was to hang these on the wall! I made some using pictures too! You can see all my versions below. Will you give this a try? Leave a comment below and let me know what you want to do with old windows.

IMG_0593 IMG_0594


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