Christina Katerina and the Box and How my Creative Adventures Began…

christina katerina

I have always loved to read books. Escaping into the world they offered was a great comfort to me. I have always loved to imagine myself in different worlds, surrounded by like minded friends and in different situations.

I was about 6 when I first read Christina Katerina and the Box. I never knew that book would have such a deep impact on me or that it would start a life full of adventures…of the crafty kind 🙂

The first few lines of the book had me hooked…
‘Christina Katerina liked things;
tin cups and old dresses,
worn-out ties and empty boxes.
Any of those things, but mostly boxes.
Hat boxes,
bakery boxes with see-through lids,
shoe boxes.
Best of all she likes big boxes’

I was thrilled! I had found a like-minded friend, for that is what I liked. Things. Boxes. Hat boxes, bakery boxes, shoe boxes and big boxes. I read the book and loved every bit of it. It basically talks about an imaginative little girl that loves to make things out of boxes. She uses a refrigerator box to make, a castle, a club house, racing cars, a dance floor and much much more!

The book is adorable and the message is so beautifully conveyed that it makes recycling feel like an adventure. In today’s world, when everything is about buying more and more, it will help us all to learn a little from Christina Katerina and to try and cut down on everything that we end up buying and to educate ourselves and help teach our children about recycling as well.

I believe recycling helps not only promote green living but it also teaches children to think creatively. Christina turned her box from one thing into another, problem solving and creating wonderful games for herself and her friend with just one big box.

I guess my love of green crafting is because of Christina. I have since then used boxes of all kinds to make model towns and villages, games and toys. Now, as a more experienced crafter, I use soda cans, packaging plastic, boxes, old books, fabric scraps, paper scraps, old cds and lots else in my craft projects. All these things are turned into handmade cards, jewelry pieces, home decor projects, bags, gift bags, clocks and lamps to name a few.

Do read Christina Katerina and the Box to any little kids in your family this holiday season. It is bound to excite them and to encourage them to see the world through different eyes.


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