How Zentangle Helps Strengthen the Right Brain

how zentangle helps right brain

Over the past few years, from business innovation to routine improvements, the world has become more receptive to the need for creativity. The world would have never transitioned on from CD players to MP3 players, or from the “little box” cell phones to the sleek smartphones of today if it weren’t for humans thinking differently.

The creative, intuitive and imaginative aspects of our thinking originate from the right side of the brain, and the Zentangle methodology is known to be quite effective in unlocking that potential.

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What is Zentangle?


You might have heard the term Zentangle in various art circles or even psychology publications. From gaining popularity amongst entrepreneurs who want to improve their thinking, to relaxing victims of insomnia, this art form is fast gaining popularity.

Just what is Zentangle and why is it becoming so popular, let’s learn a bit more.

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