My Bullet Journal Setup for 2017


Part of the excitement of the New Year for me is a new planner!

I have fallen in love with the bullet journal system and that in conjunction with my vision planner is what I plan to keep me on track for 2017.

Since writing about planners isn’t as fun as showing you my planner I made a video. Here it is: Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Miracle Mornings and Vision Boarding


I recently went in for a surgery that required quite an extensive period of bed rest. This is something that doesn’t come naturally to me, staying stationary and so in the weeks leading up to the surgery I tried to come up with ways to make the house arrest more bearable. I came up with a list of personal development books I had been wanting to read and kept them by my bedside waiting for me to come home.

The surgery happened – everything went well, though it was much longer than expected and I came home. The first week is a blur, with me drifting in and out of sleep and dealing with quite a fair amount of pain. By the second week I was ready to get back to work but unfortunately my doctors and my body did not agree. So I looked to my books for comfort.

I had been reading and talking about vision boards a lot and had always wanted to make one. I thought the New Year would be the best time for that. To get motivated. So I read a couple of guides on how to create vision boards and the entire philosophy of creating a collage out of images that spoke to you made a lot of sense to me. I also truly believed that if I Continue reading