Get Creative with the DCWV Project Stacks – Mini Notes and Envelopes!

Mini Notes and Envelopes

I’m back after the weekend break and I am still enjoying playing with the 6×8 DCWV project stacks. They are really a lot of fun!

I run my own small business and really like giving out encouraging notes to folks who work with me. I also like to share notes and small gifts with friends and family. That’s why I love the new Mini Notes and Envelopes project stack. Continue reading

Get Creative with the DCWV Project Stacks – Stars!

DCWV Stars

As y’all know I love quick and easy creative projects and ones that can be done with little or no additional supplies are even better. That’s why I love the new DCWV 6×8 inch project stacks and all of this week I am going to be sharing videos with you featuring a new stack everyday.

I am playing with the Stars stack today – This stack can make 9 star hangings and has 3 each in 3 designs and 3 colors. You have a beautiful gold foil, kraft and black. I am thinking of turning my stars into hanging lights using some fairy lights. Continue reading

How to be Creative this Weekend!

The DCWV Project stacks

As you all know I am a huge fan of balancing the brain. I believe we’re all intended to use both the left and right sides of our brains – not just one. I myself come from a mathematical background and have always felt rested and recharged when, tired of numbers and endless calculations I used to turn to my arts and crafts.

But it’s easy to tell someone to be creative and much harder to actually show them the way. There are so many different tools and products available in craft stores that even browsing them can seem o be overwhelming. In fact truth be told – there are times when I feel overwhelmed when I enter my craft studio – there are so many things to choose from that I actually feel overwhelmed and the urge to create something vanishes. Continue reading