6 Steps to Creating your own Creative Retreat

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Do you struggle to find the time to be creative? With hectic lives and jobs and everything seeming to rush past us, sometimes it is very hard to find the time to be creative – to be you. I heard about the concept of stay-cations and retreats and decided that would be the perfect way for me to take a little creative me time and jump-start my creative journey.

This is a really fun exercise and I’m sharing the way I structured it and everything I did in a step-by-step manner over the next three blog posts. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

Let’s Prepare

1. The first step is to actually make a list of all the projects that you wish to make during your stay-cation and to estimate the amount of time they will take. I am extremely fond of all sort of papercrafts; from scrapbooking and altered art to mixed media and mini books. This is why my craft retreat mostly focuses on projects involving paper. So first I made a list of Continue reading

How Zentangle Helps Strengthen the Right Brain

how zentangle helps right brain

Over the past few years, from business innovation to routine improvements, the world has become more receptive to the need for creativity. The world would have never transitioned on from CD players to MP3 players, or from the “little box” cell phones to the sleek smartphones of today if it weren’t for humans thinking differently.

The creative, intuitive and imaginative aspects of our thinking originate from the right side of the brain, and the Zentangle methodology is known to be quite effective in unlocking that potential.

Continue reading

The Importance of Creativity – Explore your Right Brain Today!


I lost a family member a few days ago and needless to say I am very disturbed. I am also getting some time to think, reflect and ponder on the state of our lives and I’ve come to the conclusion that we surround ourselves with too many unnecessary things, we worry about unimportant things and we stress about trifles. All this time that we spend worrying is wasted. It leads to nothing but negativity, hurt, confusion and stress. Continue reading