Art Dolls

art dolls

Who knew it would take me all of one week to get hooked onto ATCs and Art Dolls!

Well I have fallen in love with this craft, not only that, I am also enjoying connecting with other artists via different art groups. Another reason why these on line groups are so cool is that you get to trade ATCs and participate in swaps. This is pretty crucial as ATCs stand for Artist ‘Trading’ Cards =). I have just mailed some ATCs and Art Dolls for a couple of swaps and wanted to share with you,in particular my first attempt at Art Dolls. These were made for a swap I participated in for one of the groups I’m part of. The theme was Christmas.

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The Magic of Altering Containers

the magic of altering containers

I love recycling old items or else pick up a bargain and then “alter” it to suit my needs. My most favorite things in the whole world are boxes and containers.

So I am known throughout my circle of family and friends as a box hoarder and fun containers make their way to me from all over. I use old book pages and paint to transform some of my finds and they work beautifully to store art and craft supplies. Continue reading