Christina Katerina and the Box and How my Creative Adventures Began…

christina katerina

I have always loved to read books. Escaping into the world they offered was a great comfort to me. I have always loved to imagine myself in different worlds, surrounded by like minded friends and in different situations.

I was about 6 when I first read Christina Katerina and the Box. I never knew that book would have such a deep impact on me or that it would start a life full of adventures…of the crafty kind 🙂

The first few lines of the book had me hooked…
‘Christina Katerina liked things;
tin cups and old dresses,
worn-out ties and empty boxes. Continue reading

How to Make your own Idea Book

idea book DCWV

We all leaf through magazines and Pinterest, Instagram and Google and we all come across beautiful pictures of DIYs we want to try. I have a stack of magazines with page corners turned over and a inspiration folder on my desktop full of beautiful pictures. Somehow I never get around to making these things and the ideas stay in books and computer folders.

I finally decided to do something about it and created my own idea book. It’s super easy to make one and it’s the perfect place to store all the ideas of things you want to do ready for a rainy day for when you want to do something but don’t know what.

I love the new Insta Photo line from DCWV! From the chunky little colorful folders to the papers, pocket pages and especially the photo booth props! Everything about this collection is Continue reading

A Peek into my Craft Stay-cation Retreat and How to Plan your Own 2

craft staycation3

Day 2 of my craft stay-cation and retreat was loads of fun too! I made lots and lots of birthday cards, some Victorian paper shows, scrapbook layouts and an idea jar to wrap the vacation up!

I started with the cards. I wanted to use all my paper scraps and left over embellishments that had been getting pushed to the back of my crafting pile. I pulled out all those scraps and stickers and embellishments, gathered a few blank cards and got to work. I came up with 12 birthday cards and loved making each and every one of them. I specially enjoyed using some ‘thank you’ cards that I had purchased at a thrift store for $1 as card bases. Covering them up with paper and embellishments enabled me to make some pretty cute cards. I Continue reading

A Peek into my Craft Stay-cation Retreat and How to Plan your Own 1

craft staycation2

Now that you know how to plan your own craft retreat and have done all the major planning it’s time to start enjoying the retreat! Here is a recap of my two day retreat. I would love to know what y’all did for your creative retreats. Please share your ideas in the comments below.

Day 1

For snacks I have the following on my work desk and ready to go!
• Popcorn
• Candy
• Trail Mix

I am going to be making sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner. I will make the meals in the morning and then put them in the fridge so that I have no chores to do during the day. Continue reading

Get Creative with the DCWV Project Stacks – Mini Notes and Envelopes!

Mini Notes and Envelopes

I’m back after the weekend break and I am still enjoying playing with the 6×8 DCWV project stacks. They are really a lot of fun!

I run my own small business and really like giving out encouraging notes to folks who work with me. I also like to share notes and small gifts with friends and family. That’s why I love the new Mini Notes and Envelopes project stack. Continue reading

Get Creative with the DCWV Project Stacks – Stars!

DCWV Stars

As y’all know I love quick and easy creative projects and ones that can be done with little or no additional supplies are even better. That’s why I love the new DCWV 6×8 inch project stacks and all of this week I am going to be sharing videos with you featuring a new stack everyday.

I am playing with the Stars stack today – This stack can make 9 star hangings and has 3 each in 3 designs and 3 colors. You have a beautiful gold foil, kraft and black. I am thinking of turning my stars into hanging lights using some fairy lights. Continue reading

How to be Creative this Weekend!

The DCWV Project stacks

As you all know I am a huge fan of balancing the brain. I believe we’re all intended to use both the left and right sides of our brains – not just one. I myself come from a mathematical background and have always felt rested and recharged when, tired of numbers and endless calculations I used to turn to my arts and crafts.

But it’s easy to tell someone to be creative and much harder to actually show them the way. There are so many different tools and products available in craft stores that even browsing them can seem o be overwhelming. In fact truth be told – there are times when I feel overwhelmed when I enter my craft studio – there are so many things to choose from that I actually feel overwhelmed and the urge to create something vanishes. Continue reading

Paper Flowers


I love to recycle items and that’s why I am an altered art fanatic! I have started cutting up junk mail, painting it and turning it into flowers. These can be used to embellish ATCs, altered books, scrapbooks and even handmade cards. Not only are they fun to make but you’re also doing your bit to save the environment while having fun! Continue reading

Art Dolls

art dolls

Who knew it would take me all of one week to get hooked onto ATCs and Art Dolls!

Well I have fallen in love with this craft, not only that, I am also enjoying connecting with other artists via different art groups. Another reason why these on line groups are so cool is that you get to trade ATCs and participate in swaps. This is pretty crucial as ATCs stand for Artist ‘Trading’ Cards =). I have just mailed some ATCs and Art Dolls for a couple of swaps and wanted to share with you,in particular my first attempt at Art Dolls. These were made for a swap I participated in for one of the groups I’m part of. The theme was Christmas.

Continue reading

The Importance of Creativity – Explore your Right Brain Today!


I lost a family member a few days ago and needless to say I am very disturbed. I am also getting some time to think, reflect and ponder on the state of our lives and I’ve come to the conclusion that we surround ourselves with too many unnecessary things, we worry about unimportant things and we stress about trifles. All this time that we spend worrying is wasted. It leads to nothing but negativity, hurt, confusion and stress. Continue reading