IMG_0075 (3)The Creative Art Academy is OUR creative space, with no rules, just permission to play and experiment with all sorts of fun art supplies. Crayons, pencils, paints and markers!

My name is Mahe Zehra but I mostly go by MZ. I am so happy you’re here. I can’t wait to show you around. But first a little bit about me…(won’t you tell me a little bit about you too, in the comments below?)

Before I was born a psychic told my mother that her daughter would be attracted to colors and would grow up to pursue a career in art. My mother was a little skeptical since both my older siblings had chosen the sciences and she was quite sure I would be the same.

I was born in the summer of 1986 and from the get go I seemed to be quite a vocal child 🙂 As I grew older it was clear that both my mother and the psychic had been right. I was fond of colors and I loved numbers. Maths came to me quite naturally. And so I grew up and ended up pursuing a career in Mathematics, in fact as I write this I am running a software company, but while I was trying to get all the numbers straight in my head I found that without some time taken each day to be creative – draw, paint, make cards – I could not do my math quite as well.

That is when I decided that I would never classify myself as someone who was left or right brained. God had given us both sides for a reason – to balance each other and I intended to make full use of both – since that is what I enjoyed doing.

Over time I started putting my creative ideas on my blog, facebook page and eventually eBooks as well. I was surprised to discover lots of creative spirits all over the world just like me, people who lived to create beauty and enjoy the many colors life had to offer.

The knowledge that there were other creatives like me fueled me to take my art to the next level and devote more time to it.

My passion is to meet you, get to know you and show you that art is for everybody. Creativity isn’t an elusive element, it exists in all of us. I don’t believe that people are born artists and there is no hope for the rest of us. I want to show you that the first step towards becoming an ‘artist’ is to allow yourself to pick up the brush or the pencil and make mistakes. Some of the best art is created from mistakes. So let yourself go. Let the inhibitions go. Let the inner critic go and let yourself be creative!

Being creative doesn’t require an endless list of expensive supplies either. One of my biggest disappointments is how marketing new creative products has made the craft and hobby industry so very consumer focused. We have stopped looking at the world through creative eyes, we feel that we need everything that is selling in every hobby store to make our art look good. I have always been a green crafter – trying to make the best of what I have available and then investing in a few good teools and supplies. So if a limited budget or craft supply overwhelm is something you’ve been struggling with – you are SO in the right place.

Many of my courses and books focus on using green supplies and you’ll find some awesome recipes to make your own art supplies too! Don’t get me wrong – I love the art store as much as the next creative geek but I also like to try and see what I can substitute/make myself and what I think is good to invest in.

We are all creative – with a left brain and a right brain. For us to be whole we have to make time for our art.


The video courses and eBooks that you will find at The Creative Art Academy will break down creativity for you into step by step actionable items. In short my goal is to make creativity come effortlessly to you, whether it is through Art Journalling, drawing faces, collage or doodling. This is all a fancy way of saying that we want you to show up to the party with a pen, glue and scissors and get ready to make a mess.

Creativity is in you – we just need to shine some light on it and bring it out into the world!

If you’re new to The Creative Art Academy, feel free to look around. We have a free e-course that you can sign up for, creative blog posts, video tutorials (coming soon) and an ever growing library of eCourses and eBooks (I’m working on currently – they come out this summer).

If you have any questions, thoughts or musings you would like to share please use the message box below.

I can’t wait for you to get started on this creative adventure. I can’t wait to be friends!

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The Creative Art Academy is a project super close to my heart. I passionately feel that we were all born with a brain that has a right and a left part. There is no extra and we are not destined to use just one part of it. It may be true that we may be better at using one part over the other but both parts still function and they are both equally important. In my opinion in order to achieve a balance in life one must exercise both parts of the brains. The Creative Art Academy is my effort to bring art and creativity to everyone all over the planet. Just typing these words is sending chills down my spine. I feel so excited to be a part of the world today – in a day and age when we can collaborate and share – me from my small home office in South Asia and you…I don’t know where you are! You could be anywhere! A cafe in France, a library in London, a villa in Italy, a bar in Austin, TX, a university in Boston.

There is one thing that ties us all together though, one common thread, the need to create.