Fabric ATCs

fabric atcs

It wasn’t long before I wanted to try something a little different on ATCs and so I decided to try my hand at some fabric ones. This is an awesome project to do with kids and the family and will make for a fun creative evening.

Having read many different ways of dealing with fabric, and seen some gorgeous work done by other artists, I armed myself with fabric scraps, ribbons, beads, glue, paint, card and some needles and thread. Laying everything all around me (this is the only way I can work, in a mess)I picked up a piece of fabric and started. I created a collage of fabric and it was so much fun. I tried painting the background fabric and loved the result, then started layering other bits of fabric and ribbons, gluing them down, sewing them and stapling away! Then I started cutting them down to standard ATC size and made sure there were no loose ends.




The final step was a lot of…beads! Gosh I just love beads! That meant a whole lot of sewing¬†but it was well worth it. After they were done I glued them down to sturdier card pieces cut to ATC size so that they would stay flat. I had to trim them down a little as the fabric and beads were making it hard for them to fit in a standard sized ATC sleeve.




All in all I was very satisfied with the days work and am so glad I took the time out to create! Nothing relaxes me more.

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