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Have you ever wanted to take some time out for your right brain?

Have you ever wanted to become an artist?

With the Zentangle Art Class you can do both even if you haven’t drawn in your entire life. 

The Zentangle Art Class is a comprehensive video course that comes with fun downloads and 14 unique video classes that cover all the Zentangle basics. This is the perfect class for beginners and new tanglers. Not only does Zentangle help you exercise your right brain it is also an amazingly easy to learn art form.

Join Mahe Zehra CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) on video as she shares the 8 steps of the Zentangle method, her favorite supplies to tangle with, lots of tangles, projects and even life lessons that she learnt from practicing the Zentangle art form. If you’ve been wondering what Zentangle is all about then now is the time to learn more. Each video class is under 20 minutes, fun, easy to watch and follow along with. You can master Zentangle basics in as little at 30 minutes a day in under 4 weeks!

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In This Class We Will

Go over all the basic supplies
Go over step-by-step instructions for many tangles
Learn enhancements
Do tangle variations
Make fun projects using our finished tiles
Add color to our tiles and tangles.

This class comes with fun downloads and worksheets and a playlist for you listen to while you tangle! We have a Facebook community so you can share your art with others and learn from them too!

The best part? This class is 40% for a limited time only and you have have access to all this creative goodness for only 29 USD!

What are you waiting for? Take this video class now!

Buy Now for Just $29 USD


What Others Have To Say About This Course

I love this class! The videos were easygoing, and I could watch them multiple times. The music was wonderful, and I appreciated the opportunity to download it and play while I was practicing the various tangles. I have been in face-to-face Zentangle classes, and learned a lot, but the ability to review videos has helped me gain confidence. The associated webpage where we shared our art was a bonus! I loved seeing what everyone was creating and sharing! MZ..please do a second class!” Debbie

I really enjoyed your class . It was a great introduction to zentangle. I am perusing further instructions. I am definitely interested in a second class from you.” Diane

Thank you, Mahe, I have learnt a new skill at my advanced age and I recommend this course whole heartedly. I still have three more classes to finish and the don’t want the course to end.” Rosemary UK.

Loved your class! I feel like I learned so much from each video. I find it all makes so much more sense to me than before the class. I was sorry when I finished the last module. Looking forward to another class! Kathy

This is a great class if you’ve seen Zentagles and wondered how they’re done. Yes, they can be complicated, but there’s a method for doing them. MZ does a terrific job explaining what you need to know to get started. This class is very worthwhile and fun!” Hilary

Buy Now for Just $29 USD