The Magic of Altering Containers

the magic of altering containers

I love recycling old items or else pick up a bargain and then “alter” it to suit my needs. My most favorite things in the whole world are boxes and containers.

So I am known throughout my circle of family and friends as a box hoarder and fun containers make their way to me from all over. I use old book pages and paint to transform some of my finds and they work beautifully to store art and craft supplies.I use old book pages to cover the boxes first and then I add paint and splatters and sometimes even a bit of doodling to finish the new altered box.

My family loves eating canned beans and I love altering the cans to make pencil holders or little baskets/containers to hold gifts. You can leave the can the way it is, letting the silver metal be the background and then embellish it using your favorite die cut shapes, ribbons, beads etc. In case you want a different look just cover the can in some plain or patterned paper of your choice before you begin the embellishment process. The same project can be made using ice cream containers, they have the advantage of a lid!

There are so many variations that you can do…cover the box with fabric instead of paper, stitch on some beads and use some felt die cuts to embellish. Let your imagination run wild…you may never have to buy another storage box for your supplies!

Another way to cover and alter your container is by using kitchen foil. All I did was take some kitchen foil and scrunched it up a bit and then opened it up and glued it to my container. I trimmed the extra bits and added some foam die-cuts. You can find these easily at any Walmart.

You can see pictures of some of my projects here…hope these serve to inspire you to paint, alter and recycle!





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