#CountdowntoChristmas – A Christmas Tree Card


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This Christmas card is so easy to make using old comic book pages, magazine paper or even old gift wrap. It’s the perfect Christmas project for the family and awesome for getting kids involved too!

The cutting and rolling helps with motor skills and the design is simple to create, yet really beautiful – making this the perfect project for all those folks who say they aren’t creative.

What about you? Will you give this a try?

Christmas Card

• Old Comic Book or Magazine Pages
• Card Paper
• Paper Scraps
• Scissors
• Glue
• Star Stickers

Step-By-Step Instructions

• Start off by rolling the magazine or comic book pages to make long tubes. Cut them off in varying graduated lengths.


• Fold a piece of A4 card stock to make a base. Now sketch a tree on it.


• Use the paper tubes to assemble a tree as shown in the picture above. Use a piece of brown cardstock for the tree trunk and a colored piece as the base. Add stickers to the tree for some bling. You can even use some fabric scraps to make a decorative tree skirt!




What is your favorite holiday activity to do with your family and loved ones? Tell me in the comments below!

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