Introducing the Vision Planner Class


I am so happy to introduce to you the Vision Planner class. This class will commence on the 1st of December and will have awesome video classes and demonstrations.

I came up with the idea of Vision Planners because I started following the Miracle Morning routine and needed a place to write down my vision for my future. I also needed some place where I could record my progress and make sure I was going down the right track.

More often than not I would make lists and do brain dumps and after a week or so I would stop setting goals and would get overwhelmed or side tracked. Now my Vision Planner is what keeps me from getting overwhelmed and also reminds me of my goals. Every time I feel overwhelmed I go back to my planner and look through the vision boards I have created and the goals I have set for myself. It inspired me, motivates me and keeps me on track.


I use the Vision Planner in conjunction with my Daily Planner and use it to set weekly goals with daily actionable steps – this helps me to keep making progress.

I also journal in my Vision Planner to keep a record of how my days went – what I accomplished – what I learnt and what I would like to change.

My Vision Planner has been awesome for me. I am getting more done and feeling happier about it. The inspiring layouts and the positive quotes all help me stay on track.

Learn more about the class here:



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