So finally all my pictures have been printed. I had made a folder for all the pictures I wanted printed for the year 2011 and was astounded to see that I had over 120 pictures that HAD to be included in my Smash folio. This is after I went through the folder again and again and deleted anything extra. Geez! Talk about a busy year! πŸ™‚
2011 has been a year of decisions, mixed feeling and health, ups and downs and some major happenings. I am really looking forward to going over the year through this craft project and to enter the new year, hopefully wiser for all my experiences.


Since there were so many pictures I had to figure out how to print them in a size that would not overly clutter the book and since I didn’t want very large pictures I printed most of them in batches of nine on A4 size photo paper. I like the small size as that will give me much more freedom to play around with the layout. The quality is not perfect, but once again I do not mind. The whole point of the Smash books and this exercise is to create scrapbooks that look natural. I don’t want them to be perfect or for me to spend hours and hours perfecting layouts. This is going to be the story of my year, messy and beautiful, my journey through 2011.
In addition to the pictures there are also lots and lots of movie tickets, memorabilia from every day life and trips. I need to smash it all in within the next few days as well as work on my upcycled version of a Smash Folio for 2012.
I have also been spending a lot of time watching Downton Abbey! I absolutely love the show and saw all eight episodes in 2 days, and this is only because I was still going to work :). If any of you love period drama be sure to check out Downton Abbey. I am pretty sure you’ll love it!


Back to smashing! I have my book ready and I have all the pictures printed out and I have all my memorabilia in a big bag. To start off I am going to label the pictures. Throughout the year I make picture folders organized by month, so now I will label all my pictures according to what month they were taken in. That way I will have some semblance of order and the book will actually read like a story πŸ™‚
After the pictures have been labelled I will sort out the memorabilia the same way. Some of it will correspond with the pictures and other stuff will just be woven in throughout.
That is what I am going to do today and tomorrow. Get all the pictures and memorabilia smashed in! πŸ™‚ Of course there will be lots of pictures to share in the coming days so stay tuned and have an artsy day!
Join me tomorrow for the next episode of our smashing adventure!
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Hi Y’all! Hope you had a lovely lovely Christmas, full of laughter and joy and fun times with family and friends. Did you get all the crafting goodies you asked Santa for? If so, do share pictures with us and tell us what you got and if you have started playing with your ‘stash’ yet.


I recently went to visit family in Boston and of course no ‘holiday’ is complete without several trips to art stores and book stores. I did manage to collect quite a few wonderful paper packs and some handmade paper sheets. I also got a Cinchbook binding machine, more on how that turned out later, and I went to Paper Source…several times πŸ™‚
I absoulutely love the store! It’s like being in paper crafter heaven. Not only do they have cards and envelopes in all colors and sizes, they also have really gorgeous handmade paper sheets from all over the world. Their displays are marvelous! They group the papers by color and you can literally see a rainbow of papers every time you go to a Paper Source outlet.


This time though, when I visited Paper Source, I was excited about something completely different. I discovered the Smash Journals in their display and it was love at first sight. They currently have the journals in seven different flavors.
1. The International Smash Folio
2. Simple Orange Smash Folio
3. Eco Green Smash Folio


4. Mod Black Smash Folio
5. Doodle Red Smash Folio
6. Retro Blue Smash Folio
7. Pretty Pink Smash Folio
A smash journal is basically like a premade scrapbook/journal. It gives you lots of patterned papers to write, doodle, glue stuff on and capture memories. I love the way these folios have been laid out and planned and the wonderful patterns that can be found within the folios. Everything from roses to vintage ledger paper to quotes and sayings. All the pages are good quality card stock and will stand quite a lot of wear and lots of memorabilia stuck on them. That is what EK Success wanted these folios to be, they say the smash folio is good for lots of sticking and writing and glueing and doodling and is basically supposed to always have room like your junk drawer! So what ya’ waitin’ for…smash it all in! πŸ™‚


The journals come with lots of extras, like stickers and tabs and little embellishment pads. The other highlight of the folios, in addition to the gorgeous designs, is the smash stick. The smash stick is a pen on one side and a glue stick on the other. That way you never have to wait to stick something in your smash journal! I LOVE that!
Here is the EK Success Smash website for more fun! They have a wonderful blog and a product video that is really fun to watch!
I bought the pretty pink folio and am in love with it. I am going to work on it this coming week, the last of 2011, as a recap of the year. Lots has happened this year and I am looking forward to reliving the memories as we say goodbye to 2011. It is also the perfect end of year craft project.


I love the folios so much that I wanted to do an upcycled version of them. In the next week or so I will walk you guys through the elements of a successful smash folio and we will make our own. Hopefully we’ll stick to using materials that are lying around and paper scraps, old maps and brochures, found items and hand made embellishments… Keep reading and let’s start a new smashing upcycling adventure!
Here are the other blog-posts in this series.
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Hello my crafty friends!
I wanted to share a layout I made for the April Sketch Challenge over at the DCWV blog


You can hop on over to their blog and see what the other talented designers made and also take part in the challenge yourself!
I decided to work with some of the girls I had sketched and painted over the last few days. I wanted to be able to display them in my craft space a layout seemed an ideal way to do that.
I used paper from the new Project Stacks by DCWV. I used the Birds and Butterflies Stack. The embellishments were mostly punched out from the same stack. I used the bling sheet also by DCWV and a couple of Prima embellishments. This layout was ready so very quickly! I love that the project stacks come coordinated so you don’t have to spend any time mixing and matching colors – everything goes!
Hope you join us in the fun!


Hello my crafty friends! Today I am sharing a super fun video revealing the newest line from DCWV. These mini books will be in JoAnn Craft Stores starting tomorrow!
I will share projects using these mini books in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!



This little upcycled box is the perfect treasure chest for all your found items. The box is very easy to make and can be done in various different themes. This would also make a lovely gift box for Christmas.
It is super easy to put together and looks exquisite all at the same time using our Mixed Media Doll Stencils! You can learn more about the stencils here.
Read on for the full instructions to make this steampunk treasure box.

What you will need:
1. Some cream cardstock scraps.
2. Paper and fabric scraps of various types: I used a maroon and gold color scheme.
3. Ribbon scraps
4. Leftover random embellishments.
5. Mixed Media Doll Stencils
6. Scissors
7. Glue
8. Old Box to be altered
9. 1 sheet of 12 x 12 paper – 1 was enough to cover the box I chose.
10. Small piece of black cardstock


Using the mixed media doll stencils cut out the steampunk dress, victorian hairstyle and body of your choice. The body is cut using cream cardstock, the hair is black and the dress is done in different papers and fabric.3


Small fabric scraps go a long way when it comes to these doll projects, so be sure to save all your scraps!



Here is what my dress ended up looking like!


Dress and doll both when assembled separately.


I added some small bits of trim to the dress to make the doll look fancier. Dig into your found items box and dress up your doll as much as possible πŸ™‚

Next up we work on the box. As you can see my box used to belong to an MP3 player.


I covered my box in maroon/red paper and the spine in some music paper.


Some black washi tape went a long way in making the edges more finished.


Then came the doll and some more ribbon scraps along the edge.


I finished the box using some rub-ons, flowers and brads.



This lovely little fairy is made using my mixed media doll stencils. If you want to learn more about them, click here.
This doll serves as a little notepad as well, to capture thoughts and ideas. A wonderful addition to any kitchen or work area!


Here is what you will need:
1. Paper and card scraps
2. Mixed Media Doll Stencils
3. Some wire
4. Small notepad
5. Some ribbon and other leftover embellishments
6. Glue
7. Scissors
1. Start with glueing down some patterned paper to card scraps. I usually save my cereal boxes for this. For the body I used cream cardstock.
2. Trace out the doll torso, head, arms and legs using cream cardstock and cut the pieces out.


3. Use the colored paper/cereal boxes to cut out the dress of your choice. I used the one you can see in the picture since the skirt seemed big enough to have a tiny little notpad glued on.
4. Use brown or black cardstock to cut out a hairstyle.
5. Start with the doll body and glue it together. Next start gluing the dress pieces down using the stencil as a guide for placement. Finally add the hairstyle. I also added some headgear and wings.


18 17 19 20

6. Now take some small pieces of paper and cut them down to the size of your dress skirt. I used a long rectangular shape that ends up looking like a little apron. Decorate the front of your notebook and glue it onto the dress. I tied it with some fiber to add some strength as well.

21 22 23 24 25

7. Next I punched a couple of holes in the wings and added a loop of wire. To add a decorative touch I strung some beads onto the wire as well.


8. Now you can add any other decorative elements like little pieces of ribbon, stickers, flowers, washi tape, gems etc to make your creation your own. I added some large paper beads to the doll arms as bangles. They slip right through and look awesome!


Part of the reason I love crafting and blogging is that I get to hear from so many interesting people who are scattered all over the world!
Recently I got an email from a green crafter, Irma, and she wanted to share with y’all this infographic on how to upcycle business cards. Over to Irma!


Business cards date back to the Middle Ages. Around the 15th century China, it was part of a formal announcement delivered to the population to inform them of a royal visit. The idea made its way quickly to Europe where it became part of the official form of etiquette. Nowadays business cards are used all over the world to expand one’s network. Business people hand them out at various occasions such as networking gatherings. So it’s no wonder that some people have hundreds of business cards and do not know what to do with it. Here are a few ideas how you can make them useful again instead of just throwing them out.
Hope y’all have an artsy crafty day!


I was looking through some pictures of mine and I stumbled across some of a trip I took with friends some 10 years back! The memories came flooding back and I knew, that even though the pictures weren’t the best, the memories were awesome and deserved to be treated specially!
The May sketch challenge at DCWV was perfect for this project.
I used the Travel Adventure stack from DCWV, some ribbons and buttons and put this layout together in under an hour.
I love that the stacks some with tags and titles that can be cut out and used on the pages. Saves me from buying lots of extra embellishments!
Which memories are you preserving this week? Leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear from you πŸ™‚



So like I told y’all the past few months have been both good and bad. One of the good things that happened was that I finally got my own craft studio!
I shared one element of the studio a couple of days back. Here is the entire room and how it looks!


The room serves as a craft studio, my library, research room and general get-away!
The colors are bright and happy and I have a place for everything, which is what matters. I have the upcycled scrapbox type work table which I love. I painted the inside of the drawers different colors and have all my stamps, tools, embellishments and paper in there.
Then I have shelves on one wall and they have been painted to match the drawers. The colors really do brighten up the room a lot. The shelves are used to display some projects and also to keep my cricut, more embellishments etc.
Then I have a desk, where I hope to sit and do some studying and research. I have long been meaning to work on a paper that is due and now that my room is ready I have no excuse!
The book shelves line one whole wall and are used to house my ever-growing stash of books. I have loads of magazines too and feel like they are the BEST source of inspiration. I usually take ideas from magazines and turn them into my own upcycled versions.
I have a comfy place to sit and read, complete with an afghan for chilly nights πŸ™‚ I plan to add a lot more stuff on the walls. Mostly my own work so that is reflects my own art style. Will share more when I start working on those projects.
I have started to record videos of me working at long last and you can find me on YouTube under craftaddict1 and on fb under Altered Upcycling. You should also sign up for my FREE upcycling guide at Not only will you be getting a lot of my books and video classes for free but you will get to know about them before anybody else!
Back to the craft room. I have put up some decals of the skylines of New York and London. Have ordered one for Paris and then I’ll be all done.
Here are links to videos about the room too!


I have been learning how to draw whimsical faces and thought I would document some of my journey in a mini book. The new accordian mini books from DCWV were perfect for this project. I used Bright Geo – this one had bright colors to complement my bright and happy faces.
These mini books are beautiful and most of the work is already done – it took me a couple of hours to put this project together – All I did was cut out some of my watercolor drawings and glued them down to the book – I added some butterflies and washi tape and that’s it. All done!



I drew a whimsical happy face on a piece of wood and painted that using watercolors – this was the piece I used for my cover.


I love the ease of working with this new line from DCWV – they have lots of lovely little mini books as well as more accordion albums – this new line is availble at JoAnn Craft Stores. Be sure to check them out and do leave me a comment below! I would love to hear from you!