My Boston Book

my boston book

Just wanted to share a book I made using corrugated card from an old box. I cut the card pages and then used plastic bags, paper and paint to cover them. I added lots of memorabilia, pictures and embellishments to bring the book to life and preserve my memories. Continue reading

Altered Board Book

An Altered Board Book

I have been trying to avoid making an altered board book without a theme as I felt that it would turn out to be…well without a theme and…I think I like this one. There is no theme, I have just tried different techniques on each of the pages and have gotten over my “altered board book” hesitation. Whenever you wish to Continue reading

Altered Books – A Great Scrapbook!


I recently got hooked to Altered Art and have been playing around with many techniques lately. I especially love to alter books and turn them into scrapbooks. Recently on a trip to South Korea I bought a book in Korean and had a blast using it as a backdrop for all the memorabilia and pictures that I had taken while Continue reading

A Complimentary Lettering Class for you!

lettering class

Have you ever wanted to make your own scrapbook titles, card sentiments and journal? Tried it and didn’t like the way it looked? The same thing happened to me. I didn’t like the look of my handwriting at all. I set out to find a solution and then created a course around it for you! Continue reading

The Secrets of the Color Wheel or How to Avoid Getting Mud

Blog post 2

I’ve always been a no rules kind of girl when it comes to my art. I am very disciplined and follow a day planner for all aspects of my life, but when it comes to my art I don’t like looking at long lists of ‘things I MUST use’ or processes I must follow. For me, art is an adventure, a road to be traveled without worrying about the destination. Heaven knows we need a little of that in our lives these days. What with our work and mobile devices totally taking over everything.

That is why I didn’t feel much inclined to read up on color theory. It always seemed to me one of the concepts that professional artists had to learn in school. Well, recently I came across a very good use for some basic color theory and I thought I would share my new found knowledge with you.
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Working on a Budget? 5 Unexpected Art Supplies and Tools that Cost Less than a Dollar

5 unexpected art supplies

One of my favorite books growing up was called Christina Katerina and the box. The book takes us though the adventures Christina Katerina has with a huge refrigerator box. She turns it into a castle, a clubhouse, a car and more till it finally has to be thrown away. Then she moves on to another item to be saved from the trash!

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