Printing on old dictionary paper is so much fun, it’s addictive!

I have tried this technique several times now with both colored and black and white
pictures and it works great everytime. The finished pieces can use used as art work in frames or can be used as mixed media art material, backgrounds for cards, party invitations and lots else.
I have framed several of these printouts, specially using silhouettes and vintage novel illustrations, and made some extraordinary art.
You could also choose to embellish the print using all sorts of embellishments. This project is one of many projects and techniques shared in The Ultimate Guide to Upcyling which is available on
Do leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this project sheet! I love to hear from y’all


We all have lots to be grateful for and here is an idea that will help you remember all the nice things that happen to you over time!

You could choose to do this with your kids. Make each of them a jar and get them to help decorate it. Not only do they learn about being grateful but they also learn how to recycle. This could be done on a monthly or a yearly basis. My jar will hold all my happy thoughts for 2013!


I am so sorry for having been absent for so long but I have been focusing on sharing a lot of stuff on facebook and have been super bad about my blog 🙁 One of my resolutions for the new year is definitely going to be focused on rectifying this!


For now I am going to share some fun news with you. As y’all know I have also been busy writing books on Amazon and you can find them all here:
I also do a lot of free e-book giveaways through my facebook page so be sure to join us there.
After writing and engaging with a lot of readers I have decided to do a book focused on upcycling projects for kids. I have been busy in my studio working on various things and wanted to share one project that I particularly like with y’all!
I have made these puppets with over a 100 children now and they all loved it. I hope the kids in your like feel the same way 🙂
Here are the instructions, complete with pictures. You can print this out and share with friends too!7


I am in love with the Chipotle Burrito Bowls and have been dying to try out their recipes for a long time now. Recently I hosted a dinner for friends and decided to try to make this amazing recipe. My only problem is that I am not good at following instructions and so I ended up with a version totally my own 🙂

The basic ingredients needed for a burrito bowl are a base of white rice, some grilled chicken or beef, salsa, beans, lettuce, capsicum, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and cream.
The rice is plain boiled rice with some cilantro added in the end.

The chicken can be grilled and then shredded. Use any seasoning you want.

The Salsa can either be bought form the market or you can make your own. To make your own just add 1 14oz can to tomato paste, 4 tomatoes, one small onion, one green onion, some lemon juice, 1-2 jalapenos, 6-8 garlic cloves and some salt. Just blend the entire mixture and taste. Add more salt or lemon juice according to taste.
The beans I used were garbanzo and black beans. I actually boiled them and them fried them for a bit. I then made dips out of these too since I think they were easier to eat that way. Both dips were made the same way. I added the beans, 2 tomatoes, 2 jalapenos, lemon juice, 6-8 garlic cloves and some salt and blended the mixture.
The cheddar cheese was grated and the tomatoes and capsicum were chopped.
That’s it. All done. Now start building your burrito bowl and have fun!


I am so excited about the experiment I carried out last night! I had some bakery biscuit plastic boxes lying around and had read on the internet that some people has been able to use the plastic to make their own shrinky dinks. I had long wanted to try this out and so I did.

I am working on detailed tutorials so that y’all can join in the upcycling fun, but till then I wanted to share some pictures.
The darker colors didn’t turn out so good and the larger doodles were better once the plastic had shrunk. Like I said detailed tutorials will follow soon. these are such fun things to make and have endless potential as beads and embellishments.


Here is another project sheet. I love to upcycle as y’all know and have so many CDs that keep piling up that I really needed to come up with a cool idea to upcycle them! That is how my CD cards were born. You can customize them for pretty much any occasion and even add small gift cards into the case. They make super cute gifts 🙂
I also wanted to share another new project with y’all. I have developed my very own mobile application! I am so super excited about it! It runs on Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and the iPhone and iPad! You can get it here for free: It has free videos, projects, a gallery and much. Also follow us on facebook
and twitter: Altered Upcycling to stay in touch and to find out what all we’re up to. A lot of cool things are coming up! Books, video classes and craft e-book writing, publishing and marketing tips and tricks. I am learning so much while doing my marketing and publishing that I thought I would share my experience with y’all. It’s making quite an interesting story.
Till I can share more about these projects with you, take a look at the card making project sheet below. Over the next few days I will be sharing lots of upcycling projects so stay tuned!


It’s my birthday this week and so I thought it would be fitting to share an upcycled birthday card that I came up with y’all! Also follow us on facebook and twitter: Altered Upcycling to stay in touch and to find out what all we’re up to.

A lot of cool things are coming up! Books, video classes and craft e-book writing, publishing and marketing tips and tricks. I am learning so much while doing my marketing and publishing that I thought I would share my experience with y’all. It’s making quite an interesting story.
Till I can share more about these projects with you, take a look at the candle card project sheet above. The candles have basically been made from old comics and the colors look very festive. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and looks super chic. Do make some of your own and share pictures with me. I would love to see what you make.
Over the next few days I will be sharing lots of upcycling projects so stay tuned!


Hello everyone!
I am very very excited today. As y’all may know I have already worked on four e-books and they are all available on amazon or etsy. All you have to do is search for Mahe Zehra Husain on Amazon and Altered Upcycling on Etsy. Here are their names:
1. The Ultimate Guide to Upcycling
2. Crafty Cans and Perplexing Plastic
3. The Christmas Guide to Upcycling
4. The Ultimate Guide to Smash Books, Smashing and making your own Upcycled Smash Books!
Now I have started working on a series of three Video Books. Each of these video books will deal with card making using paper, metal and plastic. All materials used will be upcycled and we will make really chic cards that look expensive for almost no money at all!
What are Video Books? They are a series of videos that are accompanied with a book. The videos have detailed project instructions while the books will have detailed shots of the finished project and tips and tricks for making variations etc. I think the two together will provide the best possible combination for crafters to learn.
For now I have finished working on two videos. Both these videos use paint chips and samples to make beautiful cards. You can see the videos here: For now the videos are FREE for you to view.
I am planning on doing three video books. One each for making upcycled cards with metal scraps, paper scraps and plastic. Each book will have at least 35 projects so with each video book package you will be getting 35 step-by-step videos and a book! The price point will be a record low for such a product at $2.99.
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I love the scrapbox products. I have always been fascinated with doing a lot with little spaces. That is one of the reasons I love the Ikea stores. Can’t get over the fact that they can fit so much in so little space. It’s like they plan entire homes in the space I would normally think a single room with require.


I am sorry for being MIA recently but a lot has been happening. I got married for one 🙂 and very ill as well :(. It took me quite a while to get over my illness and through I spent a lot of time thinking about crafting, I couldn’t really do any at all.
So I got married and my husband and I did up our house. One of the things I insisted on was a library/craft room for myself. My safe haven and happy place 🙂
So I got it and spent a lot of time doing research about the best way to utilize the space I had. I have a lot of books so those needed to go in. I needed some comfortable sitting space as well as a desk to do some of my work and research. I also needed a lot of storage space for all my supplies. Stamps, inks, paints, papers, cutters, magazines etc. And most important of all I needed a large work table. I wanted the table to be unusual and derived some inspiration from the scrapbox desk. Here is what I came up with:


I LOVE it. The colors coordinate with the rest of the room and I love the glass top. It allows me to use my shard cutters and glue etc without having to worry about damage. I also love that this table belonged to my husband’s grandfather and I had it modified true to my upcycling style. I love infusing old things with new life 🙂
The rest of the room came together really well too. I will share pictures and details in the next blog post so stay tuned. Once again I am very very sorry for the disapearance. I am back for a while now so we can look forward to some fun crafting adventures.
Oh and before I forget, while I was restricted to the bed and really ill, I managed to work some on my website 🙂 Do go on over to and signup for the FREE e-book. Not only will you get that book but also a guide to making smash books of your own as well as a video series that will teach upcycled card making. So sign up now if you haven’t already. I promise not to send unwanted emails. Just fun and free crafty stuff.
I hope you all had a crafty last couple of months. Do write and let me know what you have been up to!
Have an artsy day!