I was looking through some pictures of mine and I stumbled across some of a trip I took with friends some 10 years back! The memories came flooding back and I knew, that even though the pictures weren’t the best, the memories were awesome and deserved to be treated specially!
The May sketch challenge at DCWV was perfect for this project.
I used the Travel Adventure stack from DCWV, some ribbons and buttons and put this layout together in under an hour.
I love that the stacks some with tags and titles that can be cut out and used on the pages. Saves me from buying lots of extra embellishments!
Which memories are you preserving this week? Leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear from you πŸ™‚



So like I told y’all the past few months have been both good and bad. One of the good things that happened was that I finally got my own craft studio!
I shared one element of the studio a couple of days back. Here is the entire room and how it looks!


The room serves as a craft studio, my library, research room and general get-away!
The colors are bright and happy and I have a place for everything, which is what matters. I have the upcycled scrapbox type work table which I love. I painted the inside of the drawers different colors and have all my stamps, tools, embellishments and paper in there.
Then I have shelves on one wall and they have been painted to match the drawers. The colors really do brighten up the room a lot. The shelves are used to display some projects and also to keep my cricut, more embellishments etc.
Then I have a desk, where I hope to sit and do some studying and research. I have long been meaning to work on a paper that is due and now that my room is ready I have no excuse!
The book shelves line one whole wall and are used to house my ever-growing stash of books. I have loads of magazines too and feel like they are the BEST source of inspiration. I usually take ideas from magazines and turn them into my own upcycled versions.
I have a comfy place to sit and read, complete with an afghan for chilly nights πŸ™‚ I plan to add a lot more stuff on the walls. Mostly my own work so that is reflects my own art style. Will share more when I start working on those projects.
I have started to record videos of me working at long last and you can find me on YouTube under craftaddict1 and on fb under Altered Upcycling. You should also sign up for my FREE upcycling guide at www.alteredupcycling.com. Not only will you be getting a lot of my books and video classes for free but you will get to know about them before anybody else!
Back to the craft room. I have put up some decals of the skylines of New York and London. Have ordered one for Paris and then I’ll be all done.
Here are links to videos about the room too!


I have been learning how to draw whimsical faces and thought I would document some of my journey in a mini book. The new accordian mini books from DCWV were perfect for this project. I used Bright Geo – this one had bright colors to complement my bright and happy faces.
These mini books are beautiful and most of the work is already done – it took me a couple of hours to put this project together – All I did was cut out some of my watercolor drawings and glued them down to the book – I added some butterflies and washi tape and that’s it. All done!



I drew a whimsical happy face on a piece of wood and painted that using watercolors – this was the piece I used for my cover.


I love the ease of working with this new line from DCWV – they have lots of lovely little mini books as well as more accordion albums – this new line is availble at JoAnn Craft Stores. Be sure to check them out and do leave me a comment below! I would love to hear from you!


Here I am again sharing another project made using the Altered Upcycling Mixed Media Doll Stencils. I am still finding new ways to use these stencils and am loving the way my projects are turning out. This next project would be perfect as a Christmas tree ornament, seeing as the holiday season is almost upon us and it is also a perfect piece to turn into a pendant. Read on to learn how to make this little beauty!


What you will need:
1. Mixed Media Doll Stencils
2. Paper Scraps
3. Ribbon Scraps
4. Beads
5. Eyelet and Eyelet Setter
6. Glue
7. Scissors
8. Old Book Page
9. Black Scrap Card


First of all I chose my doll dress and hairstyle. I cut out the doll dress parts, torso, head and Hair. I did not need the whole dress, arms or legs for this projects. I used scrap paper pieces to cut the dress parts and used old book pages to cut the head and torso. The hair was cut from black card scraps.


Next up I put the pieces together to make the doll shown above. I used white glue to hold all the pieces together.

I cut away the bottom half of the body so that the dress top hid the entire body as shown. I also used my crop-a-dile to set an eyelet towards the top of my Victorian ladies head. I used some small pieces of trim and sequin lace to add bling to my pendant.5
Next up I made a small hole at the bottom of the doll and used some jump rings to add beads to the bottom. This really helped to finish the pendant. I added a jump ring to the top eyelet as well and threaded some ribbon through. Voila! All done!


As y’all might know I am super excited about my new product, the Mixed Media and Collage Doll Stencils. These stencils will allow you to use scraps of paper and card to create beautiful little dolls. If you want to learn more about the product click here.
I am sharing an entire series of little doll projects made using my stencils with y’all and here is one that I really love.
Patchwork Polly is just what her name suggests, a lovely little doll made using paper and fabric scraps.

Here is what you will need:
1. Mixed Media Doll Stencils
2. Paper and Card Scraps
3. Brads – 4 small ones
4. Fabric and Ribbon Scraps
5. Glue
6. Scissors
Here are the video instructions! Enjoy!


As y’all might know I am super excited about my new product, the Mixed Media and Collage Doll Stencils. These stencils will allow you to use scraps of paper and card to create beautiful little dolls. If you want to learn more about the product click here.
I am want to share a beautiful little doll book that I made using the doll stencils with y’all.

Here is what you will need:
1. The Mixed Media Doll Stencils
2. Paper Scraps
3. Some Ribbon
4. Glue
5. Leftover Embellishments
1. Start with glueing down a couple of sheets of dictionary or book paper onto card. I usually save cereal boxes etc for this step. For this particular doll, since both her front and back will be showing I glued dictionary paper to both sides of the cereal box.
2. Then take out your stencils and trace out the doll head, torso and straight arms onto the dictionary paper/ cereal box card. Cut these out.
3. Join the head to the torso and glue on the arms. Now choose a hairstyle you like and trace that onto some black or brown card. Cut it out.
4. I made this doll using the Victorian ball gown. Trace out the pieces for the bodice and cut them out using different pieces of scrapbooking paper. You need very small pieces so I usually dig into my scraps for this step.
5. Now lay your doll down and arrange all the pieces of the dress bodice on the torso. The stencils works as a guide to let you know which piece fits in where. Glue all the pieces down onto the body.
6. Glue the hairstyle down too.
7. Now turn the doll over and trace out the back of the dress using the doll front as a guide. Cut this out as one piece as shown in the picture below. Do the same with the hairstyle back. I traced the doll front and just added the length I wanted and rounded it out from the bottom. Glue the dress back and the hair back to the doll.

8. Lay the doll down on a piece of paper and draw a free form skirt, making sure the top fits with the bodice. You can use the dress skirt given in the stencils as a guide but since the skirt is your book page you can make it fuller or thinner according to what you want. Just make sure the dress skirt is symmetrical.
9. Cut out 6 identical skirts.
10. This part is a little tricky. Take 3 dress skirts and fold them in half. Now glue them together as shown in the pictures. That is, one half of the skirt will be glued to the half of the next skirt, forming a little book. at this point we will make 2 separate little books using three skirts for each.
11. Now you should have two little books. Choose which book is going to be at the front and which is going to be at the back. Take the back book and glue down the doll torso, making sure the dress bodice sits on top of the dress skirt. The doll back will face book part.
12. Take the book that will sit in the front and glue it down to the doll and the rest of the dress skirt. The instructions sound a little difficult but once you have all the pieces this will make sense. Your doll should look like the doll in the pictures now!
13. The last step is the best! Use whatever you have lying around in your little scrap box to decorate your doll. Add a sash, some headgear using your stencils, some embellishments and flowers.
14. Your book is ready! Fill it with stories and memories. If you need any help at all with these instructions please email me at thecraftycan(at)gmail(dot)com.


So excited about the launch of our latest book! The Green Crafts Lifestyle – Christmas Edition will help you make the most of the items found in and around the house to create a magical Christmas.

Everything from bracelets to earrings to ornaments and Christmas decor is covered in this book with over 30 exciting projects that span close to 150 pages with lots and lots of pictures and 15 videos as well!
Crafting will be a total breeze!
Do check out the book at the link given here and let us know what you think. Your feedback is so useful in improving our future books and giving you ladies exactly what you need for your crafting inspiration.
Here is the book description as per Amazon
Want to make beautiful upcycled cards and gifts for everyone on your Christmas list this year?
The Green Crafts Lifestyle – Christmas Edition will help you do just that!
With over 30 projects that cover everything from ornaments to cards, tags, gifts and more you’ll have plenty of crafting ideas to make this Christmas special.
Turn an old DVD into a beautiful art case and notebook. An old CD into a jewelry hanger. Paint chips into earrings. Old jeans into a pouff!
Paper crafting, sewing and jewelry making are all covered in this beautiful guide that is close to 150 pages long. With countless pictures and 15 videos that cover about 1.5 hours of instructional time. This guide is perfect for the visual learner.
Start your Green Crafting journey today with the Green Crafts Lifestyle!


I love things hanging from the ceiling. They seem to give a space a much more interesting and whimsical feel, specially if that something is hot air balloons!
Here is my tutorial. You can make these beauties using nothing more than some stuff card paper sheets and scraps of paper and some embellishments. The balloons can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.
They look great in craft studios, in bedrooms, in nurseries and even libararies! You can put them up anywhere.
We start with the templates that are given below. There are three different types and each of them will give you a different sized balloon. Start by tracing out these images on your stiff card sheet. Cut as many pieces as are specified on the template you are using. Make sure that you leave a 0.5 inch space on one end of the template as shown in the pictures.
Make sure that you leave this 0.5 inches for every piece you cut and make sure it is always on the same side. Choose left or right. This is how you will glue the pieces together.
Not paste some paper on the other side of the card. Make sure you leave the traced side uncovered. Now cut out the pieces and make little cuts on the 0.5 inch strip as shown in the picture.
Now fold the little cuts as shown. The reason you keep the traced side uncovered is becuase the template line will guide you as to how far you need fold.
Once all the pieces are folded, take some strong clear drying glue and apply it to the tabs. Now pick up another piece and glue the tabs to the smooth ‘non tab’ end. This process is repeated till you have your balloon all done!
Yes, the last tab is very traicky and you might have to wrestle with your balloon somewhat. The larger ones are slightly easier to do so you might want to start with those. Once you get the hang of doing this though it becomes much much easier and you will fall in love with these creations.
I ended up making six for my craft studio! Reveal coming soon. Hope y’all enjoyed this project. Do let me know if you have any questions at all. I would be super happy to help!
Have an artsy crafty day!


What could be cooler? I found this awesome tutorial for you. I am going to try this right now. What about you? πŸ™‚


I have been making smash journals out of junk mail, old magazines and art projects gone wrong and actually have a book about my adventures on Amazon.
When I came across this blog post I knew I had to share it with y’all. I love how this artist incorporates junk mail, old fabric scraps, stitching, painting, doodling and lots else to make a work of art. Makes me believe one doesn’t need any fancy art supplies to make beautiful art after all!

Do check out this tutorial and let me know what you think!


I love to read books and it breaks my heart to see so many of them ending up in landfills. I try my best to but most of what I need from overstock or old books shops. A special favorite is the Half-Price book chain in Texas! πŸ™‚

Some books have beautiful pictures of covers that inspire me to turn them into a piece of art. So my bookshelf is full of my favorite novels as well as lots and lots of Altered books, scrapbooks made in books, boxes made out of books and an occasional lamp as well!
In this blog post I want to share a very basic technique with you that makes a beautiful lamp base or a sculpture for your library, or any other room that needs some literary decor πŸ™‚
Let me know if you have any questions about the tutorial given below and I will gladly help.
Hope y’all have an artsy crafty week!