A Complimentary Lettering Class for you!

lettering class

Have you ever wanted to make your own scrapbook titles, card sentiments and journal? Tried it and didn’t like the way it looked? The same thing happened to me. I didn’t like the look of my handwriting at all. I set out to find a solution and then created a course around it for you!

Enjoy this complimentary class from The Lettering Class being offered at The Creative Art Academy.

To learn more click here.

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13 thoughts on “A Complimentary Lettering Class for you!

  1. sltppr says:

    Help….I am trying to purchase the class and it keeps saying “Invalid Shipping” ao I am not able to check out. Also curious how you get a discount coupon since there is a place for it in the order process?

  2. Kathi says:

    I purchased the class and got a receipt but no instructions on a link or how to hook in to the class.

  3. leahbradley07@gmail.com says:

    I’m loving your Lettering Class! I just completed the first video, but it won’t let me move on to the next one (just keeps telling me I need to go back and complete the previous lesson πŸ™

    Any suggestions?

    • Mahe Zehra says:

      All you have to do is click the green mark complete button that shows up right under the lesson – you might have to scroll down a bit. Let me know if this works or not. Will get the problem fixed for you asap. Best, Mahe

    • Mahe Zehra says:

      Hi Leah! I am so glad you’re enjoying the class. All you have to do is click the green mark complete button that appears under the lesson – you might have to scroll down to see it. Hugs, Mahe

  4. Katherine says:

    I really want to take the planning class. Can I get more information on it? Is it more on decoration or really about finding my needs for planner?

    • Mahe Zehra says:

      Please let me know what questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them. The planner class will take you through the process of building your own planner for your specific needs. We have some decoration too but mostly it’s about finding the right solution for you. It’s based on the midori style journals.

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