Altered Books – A Great Scrapbook!


I recently got hooked to Altered Art and have been playing around with many techniques lately. I especially love to alter books and turn them into scrapbooks. Recently on a trip to South Korea I bought a book in Korean and had a blast using it as a backdrop for all the memorabilia and pictures that I had taken while there. It really is very simple to make great altered pages using very basic techniques. First I glued a few pages together and ripped others out to make room for all the extra stuff I would be gluing inside. Then I proceeded to give a wash of color to each new page.


I love bright colors and so I used all the colors of the rainbow! You have to be careful while doing the color washes and these usually take quite a while as you have to wait for the paint to dry before moving to the next page. Otherwise all the pages stick together and you end up with quite a mess!

The next step is the most entertaining. Layout all your memorabilia and spice things up by using scrapbooking embellishments. I love using using frames to
highlight certain parts of a favorite picture. Mismatched alphabet stickers make great and very quick headers, if you have ripped out enough pages and your book will hold scrabble letters use those for very unusual alphabets! Use ribbons,tags and stickers to add interest and dimension to your pages.

I also had some Korean cartoons that I used as embellishment. Always try to use unusual and thematic embellishments to make your creations really stand out.


So why don’t you give this a go? Grab an old book from the thrift store and use it as a scrapbook or even an art journal! You can add sketches and doodles on top of the colored pages too! Here is an example of one I did.

IMG_0597 (2)

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