What is the Creative Art Academy?

The Creative Art Academy is the place we’ve all been looking for. A place where we all have the permission to play, color on the walls and let our inner child loose. Whether you’re a doctor, banker, lawyer, engineer, marketer, artist, creative or as in my case a mathematician – you need the permission to play. To step away from your work and do something, create something for the pure joy of the process not the end result. Often times, even creatives get caught up in deadlines and results.

Paintings need to be finished, reports need to be written, clients need to be met. In our work driven lives we don’t take the time out to nourish our creativity as we should. Remember “Creativity is intelligence having fun” (Albert Einstein), and sometimes the best ideas and the best solutions to any problems we might be facing in our lives – work or otherwise – can be found once we clear our minds and change our environments. Whether it’s through taking a walk or listening to some music or painting and doodling. Our mind needs that balance – needs the creative rest.

You can find all sorts of short courses (including but not limited to Mixed Media, Art Journalling, Drawing, Zentangle and more!) here for the times when you need a reboot. The courses focus on little supplies and loads of fun.

When you need to take some time out for yourself and re-energize and re-focus, come and indulge in some creative fun! Or when you need to deal with feelings like stress, overwhelm and frustration. Everyone is an artist at the academy because we all have the right sides of our brain, all we need to do is find the door and walk in and explore! I believe in making the journey incredible and not stressing about the destination, so don’t worry if you’ve never ever drawn before or painted at all – none of this is hard it’s just about letting loose and giving yourself the permission to make mistakes. Often times the best art emerges from these mistakes! I hope you’ll join me and make your creative dreams come true!

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The Creative Art Academy is a project super close to my heart. I passionately feel that we were all born with a brain that has a right and a left part. There is no extra and we are not destined to use just one part of it. It may be true that we may be better at using one part over the other but both parts still function and they are both equally important. In my opinion in order to achieve a balance in life one must exercise both parts of the brains. The Creative Art Academy is my effort to bring art and creativity to everyone all over the planet. Just typing these words is sending chills down my spine. I feel so excited to be a part of the world today – in a day and age when we can collaborate and share – me from my small home office in South Asia and you…I don’t know where you are! You could be anywhere! A cafe in France, a library in London, a villa in Italy, a bar in Austin, TX, a university in Boston.

There is one thing that ties us all together though, one common thread, the need to create.

What people say about MZ’s e-books (available on Amazon.com)

In this short, e-book were a ton of great crafting ideas using old books. All are relatively quick and easy. I can’t wait to make the miniature envelopes. No, wait, I want to make the book markers first. Scrap that idea, I want to do the journal book first. You see? So many fun projects. Great photos, especially for an e-book. Also includes websites for more ideas, tutorials, and products. A must have for beginner and experienced crafters alike!

Linda Ray

For any crafter or artist that wants to dip their inky fingers into mixed media projects make sure you get this book first! It will save you so much money! There are so many wonderful recipes in this book which could save a crafter or artist a lot of money.
Being a crafter on a very frugal budget these days this is my go to book if I want to make my own spray inks or modelling paste or any other fabulous recipe then I can make that product with supplies that I already own! Thank you so much Mahe Zehra Husain – you have saved me a lot of money that I can use to buy other crafty stuff!


This is a wonderful book that gives all the recipes to make your own art supplies. As an art journalist, I appreciate having all those in one handy reference for quick access so I don’t have to search all over the Internet when I want to make something like texture paste myself. A great money saver!

Melissa Ames

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